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Your Brain on Politics

Wednesdays: July 26th, August 2nd, August 9th from 10AM - 12PM @ Alderney Gate Public Library - Starr Room
Halifax, NS, Canada

About the course: 

This course is meant to help participants gain a better understanding of how political values and ideas exist in the brain, how to communicate and express those values persuasively, and most importantly how to identify the frames used by adversaries, and how to reframe in a way that protects our values and ideas when we air them publicly. 

Words are powerful. When we hear them in political messaging (and in everyday life) they get in our brains and evoke reactions that we can't control. Powerful and influential communicators employ the power of framing, while many of us who are well meaning   will react and respond without re-framing, and lose political and psychological ground to our adversaries.  

This course is an introduction to the work of George Lakoff, a cognitive linguist who studies politics. Lakoff's books like 'The Political Mind', 'Don't Think of an Elephant: know your values and frame the debate' and 'Metaphors We Live By" have laid the foundation for the ideas we'll explore in this course. 

Participants will explore (and practise) cognitive framing, and the power of conscious and unconscious use of metaphor in political communications. Local, and timely examples will be used throughout the course teachings. Participants will leave with practical tools  they can begin using immediately in their own work as representatives, activists, and professional communicators.  

Who this course is for: 

This course is for anyone seeking a better understanding of the unconscious impact of political messaging (both from those we agree, and disagree with), and those interested in becoming more authentic, influential and persuasive communicators. The course is ideal for anyone who regularly speaks in public, to the media, and in groups where conflict and disagreement are a constant presence. 

Instructor: Mark Coffin 

Headshot of Instructor, Mark CoffinMark Coffin is the Executive Director at Springtide, and a student of the collective works of George Lakoff. He studies and practises political communications, and is keenly observant of the frames and metaphors at work in Nova Scotian and Canadian Politics. 




.  Wednesdays: July 26th, August 2nd, August 9th from 10AM - 12PM @ Alderney Gate Public Library 


For more information, please contact: Mark Coffin
· 902.989.3668x102