September Update: Fall Workshops, New Podcast, and Old Podcast

Here is what's happening at Springtide this fall, and how you can participate. 

In this email: 

- Fall Workshops: Deep Democracy and Public Policy Traps
- New Podcast: Govern Yourself Accordingly 
- Off Script Podcast: Summer Special Recap 
- Charter Challenge for Fair Voting Update


Fall Workshops - Co-Resolve Intro to Deep Democracy and Public Policy Traps 

Co-Resolve: An Introduction to Deep Democracy - Sept 25 - 26 @ 9AM-4PM in Halifax - 5553 Bloomfield Street  

There are just a handful of spots remaining in this two-day Co-Resolve workshop. This will be the last Co-Resolve workshop of 2017. 

Deep Democracy is a toolkit for anyone who experiences conflict in their life and work and wants to get better at working through it. Join this workshop with instructor, Sera Thompson, to learn and practise Deep Democracy. Listen to this interview with Sera to get a better taste of what you'll learn in the workshop. Register here.

Public Policy Traps - Wednesdays Oct 25, Nov 1, Nov 8th @ 10 AM - 12PM @ Halifax Central Library 

This course explores the archetypal public policy challenges facing policy-makers (and those seeking to influence policy change). We'll explore the constructive and degenerative approaches to resolving those challenges. It draws on the work of systems thinker Donella Meadows, and the policy-trap archetypes she developed in pursuit of more long-term, sustainable policy solutions.

Join this workshop with instructor, Mark Coffin, to learn about these traps, and explore examples specific to local and contemporary policy problems. Register Here

New Podcast: Govern Yourself Accordingly (Launching in October 2017) 

Govern Yourself Accordingly will be a weekly program for engaged citizens and public leaders who want to shape the future through politics *with* their integrity intact. You can sign up here to be the first to know when the podcast launches. 
A blurred streetscape is shown with the large bubble text "Govern Yourself Accordingly" shown, with a pair of headphones surrounding the text. Also showing: subscribe at Springtide.NGO/newpod; launching October 2017

Off Script Podcast: Summer Special Recap

Logo reads: On the record, Off Script.

For the summer, we took a break from our usual story-telling format in order to share some of the long-form interviews we conducted with former MLAs.

Since the end of July, we've been sharing an interview a week with a former MLA. Subscribe to the podcast here to make sure you don't miss any of our fall episodes. If you like what you're hearing, consider becoming a monthly supporter

SE #27: Party discipline is ‘political immaturity’ - Interview with Howard Epstein

SE #26: "Courtesy isn't always reciprocated' - Michele Raymond

SE #25: George Archibald: "[The other side] is not Attila the Hun"

SE #24: Francene Cosman: "I get the fire in my belly"

SE #23: "Corrosive - that's probably the best word." - Graham Steele Interview

SE #22: From Church Minister to Environment Minister - Interview with Mark Parent

SE #21: Eleanor Norrie’s stories - Negotiating with Texans, closing the Teacher’s College and co-writing an election platform.

SE #20: 'Why? Because I can' - Yvonne Atwell

Charter Challenge for Fair Voting - Update 

Canada's Supreme Court Justices are pictured, with the Charter Challenge for Fair Voting Logo imposed on top of the picture.
In early June, we joined forces with Fair Voting BC on a project they initiated to mount a coast-to-coast effort to fight the unfairness of the First-Past-the-Post voting system in court. Here's an update on where things are at with the case, and what we're learning along the way.

If you'd like to support the case and make sure it makes it to court, you can make a donation here. If you're among the 450+ supporters who have already contributed, thank you! 


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