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Many times when we attend public events there is someone who brings up the "who is missing" question. We may notice that many people who make up our communities are not necessarily making it out to the events, public discussions, conferences, (etc.) in our communities. We notice this, and then perhaps we forget about it once the event has passed.

Underrepresented voices such as those of women of colour, people living with disabilities, and newcomers to Canada, for example, are often overextended and underpaid, and making it out to events can be more of a privilege than we realize. In addition to this, small non-profits, like Springtide, rarely have the budget in place to support speaker fees. The result is that most often, we end up hearing from the same voices who have the privilege of being able to take time off work, or volunteer time. It's a vicious cycle.

By making a donation, you can help us secure honorariums for financially marginalized speakers that are experts in their fields but cannot be expected to take on speaking and panel work for free. It is a reality that we don't often hear from most of the people doing the bulk of the work in civic engagement and political involvement, because they're not financially able to accept unpaid speaking commitments.

We're trying to create a dedicated fund of $500 to ensure small honorariums for speakers that would otherwise not be able to participate. All donations of over $25 are eligible for a tax receipt at year end.

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