July Update - Upcoming programs, charter challenge, and more!

This update was originally sent to the Springtide mailing list on July 25, 2017.

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In this update: 
- Springtide's new stripes 
- Summer listening 
- Charter Challenge for Fair Voting Update 
- Last chance to register: Your Brain on Politics (STARTS TOMORROW
- Fall Learning Opportunities: Deep Democracy and Public Policy Traps


New stripes, sharper focus, more opportunities to engage 

You may have noticed a new logo gracing the top of these emails, and on Springtide's social pages. 
The new look goes along with a more finely-honed vision, mission and focus for the organization. Here it is: 

- Springtide envisions a world where the people who seek political power and influence are smart, empathic and effective stewards of the public good. Specifically, we aspire to see a world where the politically powerful are leaders that learndiverse and inclusive, and full of integrity

- To help make this vision a reality, we will focus on building educational programs and resources that support people who want to make public life more meaningful through their own participation in it. These programs will help you lead political change from start to finish, while you bravely exercise your own integrity AND a spirit of collectivism. 

In the fall, we'll have more to share about the programs and resources we're working on, and how you can take part. For now, if you're interested in supporting Springtide as we do the pre-roll out work that will be necessary to make this vision a reality, consider making a tax-deductible donation today

Summer Listening - On the Record, Off Script Podcast 
If you still haven't listened to the Off Script podcast, summer road trips can be a great time to binge-listen to the series.

We're taking a break from our usual format over the summer, and instead of that format, each week we will share the long-form audio of one of the more memorable interviews we held with xMLAs. Subscribe and listen to any of the the past podcast episodes here.

If you're already enjoying the podcast, we encourage you to become a monthly supporter

Charter Challenge for Fair Voting - Update 
Thermometer showing that donors have raised close to 43,000 towards the fundraising goal of $75,000
In early June, we joined forces with Fair Voting BC on a project they initiated to mount a coast-to-coast effort to fight the unfairness of the First-Past-the-Post voting system in court. Since then, and as of Sunday evening, 426 Canadians have donated a total of $42,998 to support the Charter Challenge for Fair Voting. There is strong momentum and support for the case, learn more about where this project is going here

Last Chance to register - Your Brain on Politics (STARTS TOMORROW)

An abstract green illustration, with \
There's a handful of spots left in 'Your Brain on Politics' a three week workshop we're offering starting TOMORROW at the Alderney Gate Library in Dartmouth, and the following two Wednesday mornings. Learn more and register for all three sessions here


Fall Learning Opportunities - Deep Democracy, Public Policy Traps 

Co-Resolve: An Introduction to Deep Democracy - Sept 25 - 26 @ 9AM-4PM in Halifax - Venue TBD 

Deep Democracy is a toolkit for anyone who experiences conflict in their life and work and wants to get better at working through it. Join this workshop with instructor, Sera Thompson, to learn and practise Deep Democracy. Learn more and register here.

Public Policy Traps - Wednesdays Oct 25Nov 1Nov 8th @ 10 AM - 12PM @ Halifax Central Library 

This course explores the archetypal public policy challenges facing policy-makers (and those seeking to influence policy change), and the constructive, and degenerative approaches to resolving those challenges. 


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