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Three Minute Citizen

Springtide has created 11 videos explaining democracy in Canada in plain language.

The Three Minute Citizen explains how government works in Canada. Why is democracy a good thing? How does democracy work in Canada? Why do we have the system of government we do? How does your vote influence who forms the government? What role do political parties play, and how does someone get elected? What is each level of government responsible for? Where does the government get it's money, and what does it do with it? How can citizens influence the political process from outside the system? We explore answers to these questions and more.


Why Democracy?


How Canada Became a Democracy: Part One


How Canada Became a Democracy: Part Two


The 900 Mile Ballot: How do elections work in Canada?



How to win an election in Canada


How do political parties work?


The Charter of Rights and Freedoms


What does each level of government do?


Where do tax dollars go?


How a bill becomes a law


How to influence politics in Canada