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I'm too busy to miss this conversation

I left the house this morning at 6:30 AM. Dog leash in one hand, breakfast in the other. I had an ambitious list of things I told myself I could get done before 9 AM so I could greet the official start of the workday with a feeling of accomplishment.

I take this approach most days in hopes of leaving the office at 5PM - when the workday used to end - and not take any work home. It's rarely that easy. 

And it's not just me. Everybody I know and love seems to be more crunched for time than they used to be. We speak longingly about "the light at the end of the tunnel" that supposedly lives on the other side of this project, that campaign or the next milestone in our life paths. 

None of us have time to have another conversation, to attend another event. But this one is different. 

Tonight we're gathering at the Johanna B. Oosterveld Centre on Gottingen Street to talk about getting unstuck from the busy-ness trap. Sera Thompson will host us in conversation using Deep Democracy process - a challenging and rewarding way of being in conversations about complex issues that affect each of us. 

I'm too busy to miss this event, and if you are too, I hope we'll see you there. RSVP now.

- Mark 


Busy or Die: A Civic Dialogue - September 28th, 2016, 6:30PM - 9:30PM @ 2103 Gottingen Street, Halifax, NS 

As leaders and change makers in our organizations and communities, we are a busy bunch. There is so much to do when we are fighting the good fight: new initiatives to start, inboxes to empty, boards to join, hands to hold, things to learn, and half-marathons to run. 

But, we kind of like being busy, don't we?  We equate success with doing lots. We derive our sense of meaning from being driven and productive. Yet we also know that the culture of busyness is taking its toll on us as a society. The incidence of burnout is more common as is the incidence of community disengagement and political non-participation. Can we produce a different pattern of being in the world *and* make a positive impact? 

Screen_Shot_2016-09-21_at_10.26.36_AM.pngJoin Deep Democracy Facilitator, Sera Thompson, and the Springtide Collective, for the first in a series of uncomfortable conversations where we will explore issues about, around and affecting civic participation and community harmony. The discussions will be held using the Deep Democracy method - a unique and challenging way of being in conversation - one that offers a way of exploring our differences and creative tensions. RSVP here, as space is limited. 

Cost: Pay What You Can (suggested donation $10)

The evening will be a mix of provoking speakers, and participatory conversation. 


Julia Somody and Jayde Tynes will spark our conversations with their perspectives on, and experiences with busy-ness. 

IMG_2480.JPGJulia Somody is a registered psychologist who works with clients to develop resiliency and self-compassion through work and life transitions, and focuses much of her work on promoting leadership with women. In addition to providing one-on-one therapy and coaching, she currently facilitates a visioning workshop that empower women to clarify their life direction and embrace their goals and dreams. Julia also teaches yoga, mindfulness, and meditation.

jt1.jpgJayde Tynes
 has been busy organizing and participating in community development initiatives, and social justice activism within her African Nova Scotian communities for over 9 years. More recently, she began working in areas of climate justice for the past 3 years. She was most recently the Diversity & Outreach Programming Coordinator with the campus radio station, CKDU where her primary role was to build bridges between CKDU and various marginalized communities. 

Join myself, Jayde, Julia, Sera and other community members tonight: RSVP now.