Tuesdays November 5th & 12th 2019: 6pm – 9pm | Halifax, NS | REGISTER NOW

About this Workshop

When things go wrong in public institutions and community organizations, many of us are quick to point out what should have been done differently. More often than not, what gets pointed out overlooks the realities of governance, the challenges of group decision-making and the necessary steps and processes that come before an organization or institution can take action. Good governance is often at the root of reliable, resilient and responsive institutions and organizations.

This is a workshop for people who want to make positive change in their communities through an institution or community organization. In this workshop we will explore principles of good governance. Participants will learn how governing bodies (boards, councils, and legislatures) can practise better governance, the differences between governing organizations and public institutions, and how those of us who serve in a governance capacity (directors, councillors, MLAs, MPs) can influence decision-making and improve governance systems through our participation in them.

Instructor: Matt Risser, Governance Consultant & Systems Thinker

Matt Risser has over a decade of experience studying, practising, consulting and educating on governance issues. His expertise ranges from issues of organizational governance issues to issues of global governance, which were the focus of his graduate studies at the University of Waterloo. In 2016, Matt co-wrote a pair of discussion papers on electoral reform for Springtide,  and he has served as an advisor on many Springtide projects. Matt lives in Lunenburg, where he also serves as a town councillor.

Workshop Details

WHERE: 5557 Cunard St, 2nd Floor Halifax, NS @ Common Good Solutions HUB (MAP)

Accessibility Note: Unfortunately, the space this workshop is being held in is not wheelchair accessible.

WHEN: This course will take place over two three-hour sessions, one week apart.

Week One: Tuesday November 5th 6PM – 9PM

Week one will outline learning objectives, discuss and define what governance is, review the common features and architectures of all governance systems, and discuss and define the shape of systems of good governance. 

Week Two: Tuesday November 12th 6PM – 9PM

Week two will review the evolution of governance systems, explore the differences between various types of governance systems, and offer guidance for participants on how to properly participate in and improve governance systems. 

Who This Course is For

This course is for people engaged in public, political and community issues – at any level and scale – who want to better understand the principles of good governance, and their role in the systems of governance of which they are a part (or perhaps, the systems of which they would like to be a part).  While many of the principles and methods are similar across many levels of governance, our hope with this workshop is to bring together people who want to learn about good governance for the purposes of improving their communities – perhaps through their involvement in a non-profit board, or serving in an elected office. If that’s you, we hope you’ll join us.

Workshop Size

Workshop size is limited to 15 participants, and registrations are secured on a first-come first-served basis.

Registration & Pricing

Early Bird Registration: $175 (Register by Friday October 4th)

General Registration: $190

Registration Deadline: Tuesday October 29th at 11:59pm

Fine Print
Cancellation Policy
Workshops with low sign-up rates at the registration deadline may be cancelled. If this occurs, and you have already registered for the course, you will be issued a full refund.
Refund Policy

Registration fees can be refunded (minus 10% processing fee) up until the registration deadline. Following the registration deadline, refunds will not be issued.