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Better Politics Awards 2015

The First Annual Better Politics Awards in 2015

We created the Better Politics Awards to honour Nova Scotians who have a positive impact on our community and our democracy. We announced all the winners live at the inaugural event in 2015 - if you missed it, you can check out the videos below!

We presented awards to MLAs in categories like Most Knowledgeable, Most Open, Most Collaborative, Rookie of the Year, and Legislator of the Year. The winners were selected by the MLAs themselves in a weighted voting process.

There were also awards for our Public Interest Champions: Story Shaper of the Year, Advocate of the Year, and Public Servant of the Year, selected by an Awards Committee.

Our keynote speaker was Michael MacMillan, co-founder of Samara Canada, Canada’s most trusted, non-partisan organization for increased civic engagement and a more positive public life. He spoke about the book he had recently co-authored with Alison Loat, "Tragedy in the Commons".

Pam Scott-Crace: Comparative Shopping, People & Power


Pamela Scott-Crace, a former magazine editor, was the Master of Ceremonies for the Better Politics Awards. She explains what her year-end comparative shopping on magazine racks tells us about global attitudes towards democracy.


Mark Coffin: Wheelbarrows... and people who make democracy better




Michael MacMillan - Animated Keynote - Tragedy in the Commons



Michael MacMillan is the co-founder of Samara Canada and the co-author of the bestselling book "Tragedy in the Commons" and was the keynote speaker for the Nova Scotia Better Politics Awards.