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With a tiny (often travelling) team that doesn’t share a physical workspace, email is the most reliable way to reach somebody at Springtide quickly.

We read all emails that come to, and do our best to make sure the right person responds within five business days.

If you need a response sooner, please contact


Working on a story? Let us know your deadline when you get in touch using the contact information above and we’ll respond ASAP.

We’re happy to chat about our research, education projects, and what we know about political engagement, democratic renewal, political leadership and emergent trends. If we can’t speak knowledgeably about the topic you’re reporting on, there’s a good chance we can point you to someone in our network who can.

Interested in covering one of our events or programs? Please contact us in advance of an advertised event before simply ‘showing up’. While much of the work we do is public interest programming, we are first and foremost an educational organization whose top priority is to provide a meaningful learning experience for program participants who have registered (and in many cases paid) to attend programs that are often at-capacity/sold out.

If we haven’t invited you to cover an event, and you haven’t contacted us a few days in advance to express an interest in doing so, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to accommodate your needs. We love our local journalists, and we love the one’s who give us a couple of days advance notice just a little bit more.