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Scene Change: Stories of #NSFilmJobs

Scene Change was an evening of storytelling about political activism as told by Nova Scotians involved in the movement in the Spring of 2015 to save the Film Tax Credit.


Scene Change was an evening of storytelling about political activism as told by Nova Scotians involved in the movement to save the Film Tax Credit.

The Springtide Collective hosted Scene Change to explore the experiences of filmmakers working to make change, to share what they've learned about how to make changes in Nova Scotia politics, and what elements of Nova Scotia politics need to change.

The evening featured two sets of storytellers circles. Each storyteller told a short story about their experience as a part of this movement (think The Moth), followed by exchanges between the storytellers. There was an intermission between the two sets of storytellers circles for social time, food and drink.


Storytellers include:


Megan Wennberg

Fiction & Documentary Filmmaker

Megan will share the story of making the "Take Your Bow Video", and how the 2015 budget has made her more engaged in politics than she's ever been.

Ruby Boutilier

Filmmaker, Arts Soldier

Ruby will tell the story of a gal (herself), who knew embarrassingly little about politics, came to speak at a Law Amendment Hearing in five simple steps.

Nelson MacDonald

Proud Caper Filmmaker

On April 19th Nelson visited the Nova Scotia Legislature for the first time and watched question period from the public gallery. About fifteen minutes later he was escorted out of the building and banned for 90 days. He'll tell you why on June 7th.

Marc Almon

Entrepreneur & Film Producer

Marc will tell the behind-the-scenes story from his perspective as Chair of Screen Nova Scotia, its response to the recent budget, and how a community mobilized to face a major political challenge that threatened its future.

Cory Bowles

Angry Arts Advocate

Cory will tell the story of "coming out" as an activist, when the humorous poem he wrote became a speech about our cultural identity at Province House.


Susanna Fuller

Playing hide & seek with change

Susanna was a Commissioner the One Nova Scotia Commision, doesn't work in film and never has. Why did she find this decision so heartbreaking? What did she do about it?

Scott Simpson

Filmmaker, advocate, friend

Scott is co-chair of Screen Nova Scotia. He was the one representative present at all the industry meetings with government since day one. Hear his story about decision making.

Jay Dahl

Harddrinking Carpedieming Filmtype


Bob Mann

Actor in Disguise

My story is about  the strong and, frankly, bizarre reactions of many people I know of every political stripe who assumed that I had “switched sides” because I was speaking out on the tax credit changes, and how I think we must work to avoid falling too deeply into the allegiance trap that gets set for us when battle lines are drawn on an issue we care about.

Marc Almon: How a sleepy little organization became a movement


Susanna Fuller: Spending my Ivany Capital


Scott Simpson: Making choices


Ruby Boutilier: How I came to speak at Province House


Nelson MacDonald - How I got kicked out of Province House


Megan Wennberg: The Making of 'Take Your Bow'


Cory Bowles: Coming out as an activist


Jay Dahl: What I learned about Lego, politics and life


Bob Mann: Resist the urge to wear a jersey

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