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Springtide PechaKucha Night TOGETHER

Last Fall, Springtide teamed up with Breakhouse to present a PechaKucha Night with the theme "Together". The event was the kick off for Springtide's Make Democracy Better project.

It's clear that the politics of division aren't the kind of politics that are going to rebuild, strengthen or sustain democracy, but it’s also clear that the differences among us that create these divisions aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

As individuals, and the groups we belong to, we can do better at holding our differences in creative tension with one another, so that something better and stronger, and maybe even more beautiful can emerge.

Breakhouse & Springtide Collective asked PechaKucha presenters to present on the theme "Together".

Hilary Beaumont
Andrew Black (Engaged Citizen)
Mark Coffin
Wayne Groszko
Tamara Krawchenko (SSHRC Post-doctoral fellow)
Susan Lorraine (Story-in-Progress)
Ashley Morton (Engineer)
Brynn Nheiley (GPNS Deputy Leader)
Dan O'Rourke
David Sable (Reflective Interaction Engineer)
Mike Savage (Mayor of Halifax)
Mike Smit (Dal Prof)
Ross Soward & Alexis Miller (Civic Trailblazer & Ebullient Urbanist)
Allison Sparling (Always Doing Something)

The event is part of a larger Springtide program called “Make Democracy Better”. For this event, we encouraged people to think beyond traditional boundaries for what democracy and politics is for a lighter and more playful discussion around the theme.


Mark Coffin: An "us" that includes everybody



Mark Coffin is founder and President of the Springtide Collective, a group working to bridge the gap between Nova Scotians and our democratic institutions and culture. In this Pecha Kucha talk he talks about togetherness and poses some questions about how we can challenge ourselves to stick together when we disagree.


"How do we take the solidarity we see when thousands of people united behind one (often very simple) message and take it into the challenging and often divisive process of having large deliberative conversations. How do we relate to people that don't belong to these movements?"


Susan Lorraine: Likely Stories


Hilary Beaumont - Sitting out doesn't send a message



Hilary Beaumont is a Freelance Reporter from Halifax, Nova Scotia. She writes about politics, social issues and culture in places like Halifax Magazine, The Coast, The Chronicle Herald, Spacing, Rabble and more. In this PechaKucha talk she makes the case for young people to get out and vote in the next election.


Mike Savage: We are not a box full of puppies



Mike Savage was elected Mayor of HRM on October 20, 2012. Before becoming mayor he was a Member of Parliament for Dartmouth-Cole Harbour from 2004 until 2011 and was the Official Opposition Critic for Human Resources and Skills and the Status of Persons with Disabilities.


Mike Smit: Information can lead to reformation



Dr. Mike Smit is a professor at Dalhousie University's School of Information Management. He uses his education and experience in computer science to explore the interactions of people, technology, and information, particularly in three contexts: cloud computing, knowledge sharing, and civic participation.


Andrew Black: The Politics of Togetherness


Andrew has been involved in politics as a candidate, campaign manager, and campaign co-chair. He served as VP Policy for the PC Party for four years during which he chaired the visioning and strategic planning initiative, Outlook 2014.


Ashley Morton: why membership matters



Ashley Morton is an electrical engineer and project manager, who is an active citizen and currently trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life.


Brynn Nheiley: Our Shared Fundamental Values



Brynn is an Environmentalist, Urban & Rural imaginist and planner and currently serves as the deputy leader of the Green Party of Nova Scotia. She spoke with 13 others at our October Pecha Kucha event TOGETHER.


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