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The Afterparty

Footage from an event hosted at Dalhousie University, Halifax on September 17th 2013. Special thanks to Moderator, Stephanie Domet, host of CBC's Mainstreet.

Power in Canadian legislatures is increasingly centralized – and not just in the offices of the Prime Minister and Premiers. When the National think tank, Samara, conducted exit interviews with 65 former Members of Canada’s Parliament, they heard about party discipline. Time after time, they heard that despite most MPs efforts to do politics differently and collaborate across party lines, many former MPs felt that the final decisions from party leadership were opaque, arbitrary and even unprofessional. Experts say our Country has the strictest party discipline in the world. That means Canadian MPs are less likely to break ranks with their own party than in any other country. In this video from 2013, speakers Brent Rathgeber, Elizabeth May, Graham Steele, and Danny Graham share their experiences from inside their respective parties, and thoughts on solutions.


The Afterparty - Brent Rathgeber (Part 1 of 5)


The Afterparty - Elizabeth May (Part 2 of 5)



The Afterparty - Graham Steele (Part 3 of 5)



The Afterparty - Danny Graham (Part 4 of 5)


The Afterparty - Discussion Period (Part 5 of 5)



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