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Local Decisions Project

Springtide teamed up with the Department of Municipal Affairs to deliver campaign schools this Spring across Nova Scotia and has just launched a voter engagement campaign in anticipation of the municipal election on October 15th, 2016. Follow the Local Decisions project on Facebook or Twitter to stay up to date on the next phase around voter engagement or check out the Local Decisions website.

This Spring, we partnered with the Nova Scotia Government's Department of Municipal Affairs to help candidates prepare for their fall election campaign. We delivered on-the-ground and online campaign schools

Now, we're transitioning to the second phase of the program, where we help voters like you make up their minds. Here are some of the ways you can take advantage of the work happening on the Local Decisions project over the next month and a half: 

- Follow along online at LocalDecisions.ca and through the Local Decisions social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. We'll be posting municipal elections news, fun facts, and summaries of what's happening on the campaign trail. 

- Our first blog went up yesterday. Each Tuesday, the Town Crier blog will round up all the previous week's news stories in one place, and in plain language. The first Town Crier blog brings you up to speed on everything municipal that happened over the course of the summer. 

- Try the LocalDecisions.ca candidate and district finder tool - enter your address, and find out what candidates are running in your district, and confirm the district you live in.  

- Help us connect with potential voters, offline. We have produced posters and postcards to raise awareness about the upcoming elections, and the resources available on LocalDecisions.ca. We will be sharing them with libraries, student unions, and other community organizations that would find them valuable for their members and clients. For more information, and to request resources, please contact Delaine at delaine@springtidecollective.ca or 902-989-3668. 
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