#26: PC leader wants to modernize PEI legislature – Interview with James Aylward

On January 25th, PEI Progressive Conservative Leader James Aylward released a discussion paper about the need to reform the way that the Prince Edward...

#25: Justin Trudeau’s Criticisms of Proportional Representation vs. Actual Research

It’s been just over a year since Justin Trudeau’s government announced it would not be pursuing its platform commitment to make the 2015 federal...

#24: #MeToo hits Canadian Politics: Interview with Michelle Coffin

This week we’re talking about the power women in Canadian politics have begun to wield over the last seven days. Michelle Coffin joins the...
Justin Trudeau, Wade MacLauchlin and Lisa

#23: Trudeau’s Town Halls, PEI’s Cabinet Shuffle and an Interview with Halifax MLA Lisa...

This week on the show, we talk about Justin Trudeau's town hall tactics, the PEI Cabinet shuffle and what it means for women, and...

#22: PEI’s Most Popular Politician: An Interview with Peter Bevan-Baker

PODCAST | A conversation with the leader of the Island's Green Party about his path to politics, recent events, and his plans for the...

#5: The Push for Evidence-Based Decision-Making in Canadian Politics (And Why it Still Needs...

Dr. Katie Gibbs is a scientist, and one of the founders of the national non-profit Evidence for Democracy a group dedicated to “the transparent...

#21: What happened last week at CBRM council?

PODCAST: Last week’s CBRM council meeting was nothing routine or ordinary, especially for Mayor Cecil Clarke and Councilor Amanda McDougall.

#4: Flying Solo and Representing Yourself – Gabor Lukacs

Gabor Lukacs takes airlines to court. He's not a lawyer, but he's very successful.

#20: What’s happening at bookstores in Pictou County? Interview with Joan Baxter

Podcast: The Pulp Mill at Boat Harbour in Pictou County is the subject of Joan Baxter's new book. She joins us on this episode of the Off Script podcast.

#3: The Effective Citizen – Graham Steele

Most of us have not sat in the backrooms of politics, the places where decisions are really made. But today’s guest on the Govern Yourself...