PODCAST | A conversation with the leader of the Island’s Green Party about his path to politics, recent events, and his plans for the 2019 election.

The PEI Green Party has experienced unprecedented success over recent years. On this episode of On the Record, Off Script, we speak with the party’s leader, Peter Bevan-Baker to learn more about what’s happening behind the scenes in the party.

In the 2015 general election, Peter earned the party its first seat. In late November of 2017, Green candidate Hannah Bell won the by-election in Charlottetown-Parkdale to earn the party its second seat. Peter has been Islanders top choice for Premier in CRA’s quarterly opinion polling for the last three quarters and is the only party leader on the Island to experience growing public support over the past year.

Some of the things we discuss with Peter Bevan-Baker:

  • What Peter learned over the ten elections he competed in before he was elected;
  • How he approached getting things done as a caucus of one;
  • How his party will tackle the upcoming general election, perhaps the first election in Canada where a Green Party has a shot at becoming the government; and
  • We unpack what happened when Peter was removed from the PEI House of Assembly for saying a word that starts with the letter F on it’s final day of sitting before the holidays.

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  1. Mark and Peter. This was a very compelling interview. I loved the big picture elements as well as Peter’s authenticity, humility and clear thinking. Thank you both. Danny Graham


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