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About Mark

Mark is an educator, writer, and thinker who is always exploring how we can govern our communities (and ourselves) better. In 2012 he founded Springtide with a small group of friends, and has served as the organization’s Executive Director since that time. At Springtide, Mark hosts podcasts, teaches program, curates educational programming, and leads consulting projects for clients of Springtide.

Over the years at Springtide, Mark has:

  • Written and produced the Three Minute Citizen YouTube series
  • Written and co-hosted the Off Script podcast series exploring the experiences of former Nova Scotia MLAs (Season One)
  • Co-authored several research papers, including the Better Choices series modelling alternative voting systems for Nova Scotia and Canada. 
  • Hosted and moderated events, panel discussions, all-candidates debates.
  • Managed consulting projects with a range of clients including: the Department of Municipal Affairs, Elections Nova Scotia, Elections Canada, the Municipality of Digby, and more.

Contact / 902.989.3668 x 102 / @MarkCoffin on Twitter

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