We all know the importance of getting more people engaged in elections, politics, and civic life, but it can be challenging to know how to do so effectively. Mark moderated a panel discussion between three Halifax-based activists as a part of an event hosted by Springtide called “Engaging the Disengaged – A Workshop for the Already Engaged”.

– Jalana Lewis is a Social Justice Lawyer who is passionate about championing voices that aren’t often heard. She was the campaign manager for Halifax councillor, Lindell Smith.

– Steve Estey is an advocate for persons with disabilities who works with the Nova Scotia League for Equal Opportunity. Steve is a former candidate for MLA in the riding of Dartmouth east.

– Jenna Brookfield is a Health and Safety activist who is a part of the labour movement in Nova Scotia. Jenna has a background in projects that engage traditionally underrepresented segments of the population in politics and government more broadly.

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