Wednesdays: April 18th, 25th, May 2nd – 11:30 AM – 1:00PM |

Creative Lab – 2nd Floor – Halifax Central Library | REGISTER HERE

About the workshop: This three-week workshop is for people who want to more effectively express their own political values and ideas through the practise of cognitive framing.

Powerful and influential communicators are constantly practising cognitive framing to gain political and psychological advantage. Well-meaning advocates often react and respond without re-framing, and ultimately lose ground to their political adversaries.

This course is based largely on the work of George Lakoff, a cognitive linguist who studies politics. Lakoff’s books, including ‘The Political Mind’, ‘Don’t Think of an Elephant’ and ‘Metaphors We Live By”, have laid the foundation for the ideas we’ll explore in this course.

(A previous version of this course was called ‘Your Brain on Politics’).

In this course, you will:

– learn about the theory behind cognitive framing, and the use of conscious and unconscious metaphors

– learn the difference between right-wing and left-wing political worldviews from the perspective of moral frames (and learn when you are unconsciously using the language that reinforces the frames of each)

– learn how to identify the frames being used in political communications all around us, and

– practise framing in your speech and writing about the issues you care about

The workshop will be taught using presentation-based teaching and skills practise in small groups.  REGISTER HERE

Pricing: $55: Students/Low-Income Rate | $75: General Rate | $95: Civic Champion Rate

Who this course is for: 

This course is for anyone seeking a better understanding of the unconscious impact of political messaging, and those interested in becoming more authentic, influential and persuasive communicators. The course is ideal for anyone who regularly speaks in public, to the media, and wherever political and moral issues are discussed. This might include:

– advocates and activists,

– communications professionals and public servants,

– elected officials and candidates for public office,

– writers and speakers,

– students and learners of all ages looking to broaden their skills and knowledge base,

Instructor: Mark Coffin 

Mark Coffin is the Executive Director at Springtide. He is a politics educator who has been working in and around politics for over a decade. He’s helped craft and deliver political messaging for a range of issues and organizations and is always on the lookout for teachable moments in media, political discourse, and public life.



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